RU Hourly Stats Explained

Hourly stats were introduced in HM3 v.

In the initial release version, the following stats were added:

  • Net Won / Hr
  • Net Won Game / Hr
  • All-In Adj / Hr
  • All-In Adj Game / Hr
  • bb/hr
  • BB/hr
  • Hands/hr
  • Minutes Played*

Hourly stats are most accurate in session reports where hands are grouped together into sessions.

Because hands duration's are not saved in hand histories, HM3 uses 1 minute time periods per hand to determine the actual time played for any group of hands to calculate the hourly win rates in any report, even when session duration is not available.

*A new 'Minutes Played' stat was added to see the time played, which is used for hourly win rate stats. This shows the actual time played and not just the time difference between the first and last hand of the session. If you take a 5 minute break during a session, 'Minutes Played' will be shorter than 'Session Duration' and will affect your hourly win rate.

Note: The 'Stat Picker' menus have detailed definitions of each stat. The Reports stats picker shows them directly under the stat name, the HUD stats picker shows them in a tool tip window if you hover over the stat name in the stat picker.

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