How Is Pot Size Calculated For The Percentage Pot Bets

Pot Size Calculation Explanation

When you are the first to bet on a given street the pot-size is simply the total amount bet on all previous streets. In situations where someone else has bet in front of you TableNinja II calculates a pot-percentage bet as the amount of chips that have been bet prior to your action plus half of a minimum raise times the specified percentage, plus half of a minimum raise.

Pot Size Calculation Example

For example, if you are first to act on the flop and the pot is 1000 and 80% pot bet would 800. As a second example, if the small blind and the big blind post the blinds and two players limp an 80% pot sized bet would be 4.6 big blinds. That's 80% of 4.5 big blinds plus one additional big blind.  


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