RU Norton Antivirus Configuration With HM3

Sometimes security software incorrectly interprets Holdem Manager files as potential threats. This can cause various issues with the HUD and application. To avoid this we just need to exclude the Holdem Manager 3 installation directory from the list of folders it scans. The instructions below walk you through the simple instructions to achieve this.

Note 1: The user interface may vary slightly as Norton is updated, but the steps should remain the same.

Note 2: If you receive an error that one or more of the Holdem Manager 3 files were quarantined, you will need to uninstall HM3, reinstall it again and then follow the instructions below BEFORE you open HM3.

Go to the system tray in the bottom right of the screen and click on the Norton icon.

This will open the Norton application. Then click on "Settings" (2).

Then click on Antivirus

Click on Scans and Risks (1), then under "Exclusions/ Low Risks" (2) and finally "Configure" (3).

Click "Add Folders".

Navigate to the Holdem Manager 3 installation path which you can find C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Manager 3, select the Holdem Manager 3 folder.

Holdem Manager 3 should work with Avast without any issues.

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