Leak Explorer Glossary

These terms may be new to you when using Leak Explorer

Leak Size

Is how big your leak is. Leak Explorer takes into account stat values and win rates when calculating Leak Size.  See How is Leak Size Calculated (FAQ) for detailed information on Leak Size.

Win Rate

Win Rate uses the Holdem Manager 3 stat "All-in Adj bb/100". 

This is how many big blinds are won per 100 hands taking into account EV. EV is expected value. 

EV Example: AA vs TT all in Preflop with $100.00 effective stacks

  • AA wins 80.56% of the time so the AA player will have $161.12 of EV or expected value. 
  • TT wins 19.06% of the time so the 22 player will have $38.12 of EV or expected value.

Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation is a measure of the amount of variation in the winning players’ stat values. A low standard deviation indicates that the winners’ stat values tend to be close, while a high standard deviation indicates that the values are spread out over a wider range.

  • A low Standard Deviation means the opponents are in close agreement with what a stat value should be. 
  • A high Standard Deviation means there is not much agreement. So by basing leak size on the stat value difference in Standard Deviation, Leak Explorer takes into consideration the relative agreement (or disagreement) of the opponents.

Winning Player mean values are weighted by each opponent's opportunity count and win rate. Opponents with more opportunities and higher win rates have more affect on the means.


Mean is another term for "average".
(Mean = Average) 

Clear Query Caches

This is found in the Tools Menu and is like a "refresh" button. Leak Explorer caches lots of data for quick access the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, time you access the data.  

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