Leaks Tab (Leak Explorer)

Leak Size Defined

1. Stat List

The stat list column on the left allows you to quickly see where your biggest leaks are. Leak Explorer automatically sorts leaks by severity and lists your biggest leaks at the top.  

Search for a specific stat at the very top of this column and right below the search you can use the dropdown to filter for the following street stats:

  • Preflop
  • Postflop
  • Flop
  • Turn
  • River

Stat List Legend

2. Leaks - Main Window

Leak Size Defined:  (How is Leak Size Calculated FAQ - Click Here)
Leak Explorer looks at the differences in your Stat Value & Win Rate vs. the Winning Players Stat Value & Win Rate along with Opportunity Counts to come up with the Leak Size. 

*If the Hero Stat Win Rate is better than the Winning Players, Leak Explorer automatically gives the stat a (No Leak) status.  


The size of the leak (Abs(StatValueDiff) * WinRateDiff * OpportunityCount / MaxOpportunityCount)

1. The show details checkbox in the top-right adds the Opportunities & Win Rate columns.

2. Clicking a stat will open a detailed view of the selected stat broken down by position. (See Below)

Leak - Specifics

  1. Leak Specifics By Position
  2. Leak Size
  3. Hole Cards
    1. Replay Hands
  4. More Charts

Leak Specifics By Position

This is the same as the (Leaks - Main Window) but with the selected stat broken down by positions. In the screen above, the VPIP stat is broken down by positions. 

Leak Size Tab

The Leak Size Tab displays a chart showing how big your leak is. The easiest way to look at this chart is to focus on the box size. (Purple box above)  Bigger the box = bigger the leak

Next, open up the legend on the right and you'll notice the box color changes based on if your stat value is too "loose" or "tight vs the Winning Players.

Show Opponents - Adds green circles that represent each individual Winning Player. Hover over a player to see specifics about that player. Leak Explorer weights each player differently based on their stat value and win rate vs the average for all Winning Players. 


Hole Cards Tab

The Hole Card tab is only used for Preflop Stats.

Blue Cards are your hands and the Green Cards are the Winning Players hands. 

In the Hole Card Heat Map below we see Winning Players (Green Cards) are Open MinRaising way more premium hands than the Hero. (Blue Cards)

Clicking Show Details in the top right places the winning players hole card heat map chart next to the Hero. (See Below) 

Note: There are 1,326 total possible hands for two-card Hold'em poker games. The hole cards will never exceed 1,326 hands.

Replay Hands

Click any hole card in the Hero Hole Card Heat Map and you can replay hands in the Holdem Manager 3 Hand Replayer.

More Charts Tab

More Charts allow you to graph stats over time.  Day, Minutes Played, Day of Week or Hour of Day can all be graphed. 

The chart above shows my Overall VPIP over minutes played per session. (441 Minutes was my longest session.) 

As we get past the 300 hand mark you can see my VPIP starts to swing up and down quite a bit for one main reason.

  1. I don't play many sessions over 300 minutes therefor the line will naturally be more choppy since it's not averaged out with my other sessions. 

The rolling window size option at the top allows you to average out your lines in the graph to spot trends quicker. 

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