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Registering Ignition Hand Grabber App
Automated Setup
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Zone Poker
Enabling And Disabling The App
Create Support Bundle


This guide is for the Ignition Hand Grabber App, which you can use to generate hand history files as you play at Ignition, Bovada or Bodog.

For help configuring Ignition imports in Holdem Manager 3 please see Ignition Poker Site Setup (FAQ).

Registering Ignition Hand Grabber

To register for the Ignition Hand Grabber App visit

You will need your HM3 license information which you can access once you are logged into

Automated Setup

Once you are registered, launch Holdem Manger 3 (restart if it's already running) and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

The App will launch automatically when you start Holdem Manager 3, and run in the background and generate hand histories as long as Holdem Manager 3 is open.

Note: The App can only grab hands correctly when tables are opened after the App is already running.

Please ensure that Holdem Manager 3 is running before you open your Ignition tables.

Tip! For the hands to be imported into Holdem Manager 3 as you play you need to make sure the HUD is running. There's a start/stop HUD button in the top right of Holdem Manager 3.

Status Window

Most of the time you do not need to interact with the App directly, but a menu is added to the Apps menu to allow interaction.

Ignition hand grabber status window

Here you can open the Status window to see whether the App is connected to an Ignition skin, which tables hands are being generated for, and where the hand histories are being written to, as well as the current version of the App.

There is also an options button here (the cog) to allow you to enable grabbing of Zone (fast fold) hands. See the Zone Poker section below for information on Zone hand generation.

Zone Poker

Grabbing of Zone Poker hands is disabled by default because grabbing these hands during play only allows us to generate partial hand histories up to the point in the hand at which you fold. This will give correct win/loss results for hero, but hero's other stats and villains' data will not be correct in hands where you fast-fold.

Because the players are anonymous and change every hand the HUD cannot be shown even if hands are importing as you play.

You will get better data for Zone hands by importing the complete hand histories that you can download from the Ignition client after 24 hours.

We recommend either leaving Zone hand grabbing disabled and using only the downloaded histories for Zone hands, or manually importing the downloaded hands to the same database 24+ hours after the session as instructed in our Ignition Poker Setup Guide to update the stats that may be inaccurate from the grabbed hands -

If you want to enable grabbing of Zone hands as you play you can do so via the Options (gear) button on the Status window.

Zone poker options for Ignition poker

Enabling And Disabling the App

If you want to temporarily disable the Ignition Hand Grabber App you can do so by clicking Apps / Ignition Hand Grabber and clicking Disable Ignition Hand Grabber.

To enable the Ignition Hand Grabber, click the same menu described above and select "Enable Ignition Hand Grabber".

Create Support Bundle

If requested by support you can create a support bundle of all the relevant log files and hand histories via the Ignition Hand Grabber's Status window.

Tip! These are the files for the current instance of Holdem Manager 3 and the Ignition Hand Grabber, so be sure to reproduce the problem you are having and create the support bundle before you restart.

To do this, first open the Status window go to Holdem Manager 3 > Apps > Ignition Hand Grabber > Status.

Now click the gear icon and choose Create Support Bundle.

hand grabber status

Choose a location to save it to and note where that is. The default is your Desktop folder.

If you already have a Support Ticket open attach the file to that ticket. If not, create a Support Ticket Here and attach the file.

If the attachment is larger than 10MB please upload them to a file hosting site like and copy/paste the download link directly into the support ticket email.


  • The Ignition (or Bovada/Bodog) software must be running in English for the Hand Grabber App to work. You can change the language using the drop-down menu at the top of the Ignition, Bodog or Bovada lobby window.
  • The Ignition Hand Grabber App can only correctly grab hands from Ignition tables which are opened after the App is already running. Please ensure that you have Holdem Manager 3 open before you join your tables.
  • Player names are fully anonymous in the Ignition software. Holdem Manager 3 will generate unique names for each player, which are updated as players leave and join the table. This works the same in grabbed hands as it does in hands you later download from Ignition. You will appear as "Hero" in Holdem Manager 3. Other players will have long "random" names which begin with their seat number, so the name of the player in seat 1 will begin with "P1-", etc.
  • Because of the way that the player names are generated you will often get different opponent names when importing grabbed and downloaded hand history files. This is due to the observed hands before you sit in, and the extra hole card information in downloaded histories can't be applied when grabbed hands with different player names are already in the database.

    To work around this you can import the downloaded histories to a separate database for analysis. Bear in mind that this information is of limited value though, because you won't know when you meet players again, and this is information that you did not have when you played the hand.

  • It is not possible to display a HUD at Zone poker tables as every hand has different anonymous players.

    Grabbing of Zone hands is disabled by default. See the Zone Poker section of this guide for more information and how to enable Zone grabbing.

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