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(Video) Fresh Install To HUD Working

(Video) HUD Troubleshooting (General Poker Site Setup & Auto Importing Hands)

Holdem Manager 3 will automatically configure Auto Import Folders during installation.

Use this guide if your HUD (Heads-Up Display) is NOT displayed or hands are NOT automatically imported into Holdem Manager 3 during live play sessions.

To display a HUD (Heads-Up Display) on live tables, Holdem Manager 3 must Auto Import Hand History Files and there are two steps to this.

Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Folder
Step 2 - Configure HM3 To Recognize Poker Room Hand History File Locations

Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Folder

Your Poker Site writes Hand History files to your hard drive after a hand is completed. We need to find the folder path on your computer where your Poker Site is saving Hand History files.

Poker Site Hand History options are found in a Settings menu or an Options type menu in the Poker Site software.

Below are a few examples showing where Hand History options can be found from a few Poker Sites:

Poker Stars Hand History Options in poker client


ipoker hand history options in poker client

wpn hand history options in poker client

Poker Site Hand History Settings

  • Critical: Make sure “Save Hand Histories” is checked if your poker site has this option.
  • Critical: Make sure “English” Hand Histories are being saved if your poker site has this option.
  • Critical: Note the folder path where Hand Histories are being saved. (Write the folder path down or copy it to your clipboard. We will use this Hand History folder path later.)
  • If your poker site saves Tournament Summaries, we need to locate that folder as well. (Write it down.) Not all poker Sites support tournament summaries.

Note: If you changed any of the options listed above, play a few live hands before proceeding.

Only proceed to Step 2 if your know the folder path of your Poker Site Hand History Files!

If you can’t find your Poker Site Hand History Folder, click one of the links below for detailed instructions:

888 Poker
Winning Poker Network
Boss Media
Merge Network
People’s Poker
Asian Poker Clubs - NEW

Step - 2 Configure Holdem Manager 3 to Recognize Poker Room Hand History File Locations

  • Open Holdem Manager 3
  • Go to Tools > Site Settings

poker site settings inside of Holdem Manager

  • Figure 1 - Select the Poker Site to configure on the left.
  • Figure 2 - Click the "Auto Detect" button (2) and see if new folders show up in Figure 3.
  • Figure 3 - If NEW Hand History Folders appear after clicking “Auto Detect”, you are done and your HUD should work.
    • If Auto Import folders are displayed but hands don’t Auto Import, double and triple check the folder locations from Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Folder.
  • Figure 4 - You can manually add or edit Hand History Folder locations here. If no new folders appeared after clicking "Auto Detect", manually add the Hand History Folder we located from Step 1.
  • Figure 5 - Click here to open the selected Auto Import Folder from figure 3. If you just played a couple hands, this folder should have Hand History text files in the folder.

Make 100% sure your Poker Site Hand History Folders match the Auto Import Folders in Holdem Manager 3!

poker site settings in HM3 and poker client

If you still can’t get hands to Auto Import to display a HUD, review Step 1 and Step 2 along with our HUD Troubleshooting Video.

If the HUD isn’t lining up with the correct player, review our Preferred Seating (FAQ) along with Site Specific Setup (FAQ).

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