Configuring PokerStars To Work With Holdem Manager 3   

Site Specific Notes

PokerStars writes Hand Histories and Tournament Summaries to your hard drive. Once we successfully Auto Import hands into Holdem Manager 3 we can setup other PokerStars options like Preferred Seating, Hotkeys and Capturing Observed Hands.

Find PokerStars Hand History Folder

Default Hand History Location: C:\Users\PC_NAME\AppData\Local\PokerStars\HandHistory\

Exact Hand History Location Example: C:\Users\bmoney\AppData\Local\PokerStars\HandHistory\

Caution: Do not copy the Hand History folders above, they are not your exact Hand History file locations. (See Below)

From the PokerStars lobby, click (1) Settings, (2) Playing History, (3) Hand History.

PokerStars hand history options in client

  • Critical: Make sure the Save My Hand History checkbox is checked.
  • Critical: Note the location where PokerStars is saving your Hand Histories in the Where To Save section. We will use this folder path when setting up Holdem Manger 3 to work with your poker software.
  • Critical: Make sure the Save in English checkbox is checked.
  • Critical: Click OK or Apply Changes to save the settings.
Note: If you changed anything on this screen, play a few hands before configuring HM3 to recognize the poker room software.

Find PokerStars Tournament Summary Folder

From the PokerStars lobby, click Settings > Playing History > Tournament Summaries.

  • Critical: Check Save My Tournament Summaries checkbox.
  • Critical: Note the location where PokerStars is saving your Hand Histories under Where To Save.Critical: Make sure the Save in English checkbox is checked.
  • Critical: Click OK or Apply Changes to save any changes.
  • Critical: Please set in PokerStars: Settings > Gameplay > Multi-Tabling > [ ] 'Auto-close tournament without notification' = Off

Now that we have the folder paths for Hand Histories and Tournament Summaries, it’s time to Configure HM3 to recognize these Hand History File locations.

Miscellaneous PokerStars Specific Options

Preferred Seating
PokerStars Language Configuration
Capture Observed Hands
Playing History Audit

Preferred Seating (PokerStars)

Preferred Seating allows your HUD to be displayed next to the correct player. If you have HUD alignment issues, setting up Preferred Seating will fix it.

  1. From the PokerStars lobby, click Settings > Table Appearance > Preferred Seat.
  2. Select Always Auto-Center Me.
  3. Click OK.

Preferred Seating FAQ

PokerStars Language Configuration

  • From the PokerStars lobby, select Settings > Global > Language.
  • Set "Play in" to English.
  • If you play tournaments, you should also select Settings > Global > Language. Set EMAIL IN to English.

PokerStars language options in poker client

It's very important to set the PokerStars language to English because Holdem Manager 3 will not import hand histories or tournament summaries unless they are in the English language.

Allow Hotkeys

  • In order ­to use PokerStars hotkeys while the HM3 HUD is running, you must run PokerStars as administrator. Right click the shortcut that you use to launch the PokerStars application and choose Properties.

  • Click Advanced and then enable the “Run as administrator” option and click OK.

*Note: PokerStars client Hotkeys will not override the HM3 Hotkeys in the HM3 - HUD - HUD Options - General Settings - Advanced - 'Hotkeys' menu.

Capture Observed Hands (HM3 Feature):

This is a special feature that integrates with the PokerStars client and allows you to display a HUD overlay before you are seated at the table. Only a limited number of hands can be observed in each session. (This feature does not work on the Zoom tables.)

  • Open Holdem Manager 3.
  • Click Tools > Site Settings > PokerStars > Capture Observed Hands.
  • Make sure Capture Observed Hands is checked.

Optional: Playing History Audit

If you have played tournaments before you enabled tournament summaries, you can request Playing History Audit to improve results accuracy for tournaments without summaries.

  • From the PokerStars lobby go to Tools > History & Stats > Playing History Audit.
  • After selecting a Date Range and a Password for the audit file, select Text (CSV) for the report format and click the Submit button.

Download hands from PokerStars client

Once you receive the playing history audit you need to import the file.

  • Open Holdem Manager 3
  • Click File > Import Files to import the emailed Text(.csv) file which contains your tournament results.

Poker Stars Site Specific Notes

  • PokerStars are imposing rules that greatly inhibit how HUDs can work. The changes can be viewed here -
  • Which was discussed in detail in this thread - - when the rules were originally announced.
  • These features that will no longer work on live tables but will still work in the replayer for the hands played at Stars and Full Tilt as long as the poker client is closed.
  • The latest restrictions from the new 04Mar2019 rule change are: 3+ Bet Premium stats, NASH Popups, and TableScanner can't be used on live tables, and the HUD Settings - Tournament Filters - Stack Size filters are not allowed to update automatically.
  • We have changed other features in HM3 such as the HUD Editor > 'Color Ranges'. HM3 will only color stats based on the first two color ranges and all other stat values will have the default color.
  • NoteCaddy Restrictions on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars -
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