CaddyScatter Overview

CaddySpark and CaddyScatter graphs are not allowed to be used during live play on PokerStars. They will still appear on the replayer (if the poker client is not open) and when viewing note history within NoteCaddy.

CaddyScatter Overview

CaddyScatter is a technology used in NoteCaddy to help make bet size reads on opposing players. The theory is that some players will, for example, bet bigger with weaker hands and smaller with strong hands, or vice-versa. Since NoteCaddy carefully follows all actions performed, it is able to make a scattergraph where the X-axis corresponds to a bet/raise size and the Y-axis corresponds to the strength of the hand. This strength is calculated using NoteCaddy General Strength.

Each time an action is observed and a player eventually shows down, a dot is drawn in the graph. The color of the dots and the size of the graph itself are configurable in NoteCaddy via File → Settings → CaddyScatter. It is possible to remove all the dots from the graph, with the exception of a particular street, quite easily. The buttons on the right of the graph will do so. Clicking the 'x' on the bottom right will reset the graph.

A point towards the top of the graph indicates a strong hand. A point towards the right indicates a bigger bet size. As a point of reference, the dotted line is drawn which indicates what would have been a pot-sized bet. Given the above graph, we could conclude that the pre-flop open raises (light red dots), are made bigger with stronger hands, and as the hands get weaker, so does the raise size.

One thing to keep in mind is for pre-flop, a "bet" refers to an open raise and a "raise" refers to a re-raise.

Enabling CaddyScatter

The CaddyScatter can be enabled in NoteCaddy → File → Settings → CaddyScatter.

If the CaddyScatter was changed from disabled to enabled, then you will be prompted to reset and reprocess your notes. This is necessary for the CaddyScatter to populate for previously imported hands.

When the CaddyScatter is enabled, it can appear by clicking on the PlayerOverview stat in the HUD. The NC.PlayerOverview stat must be added to the HUD in the HoldemManager3 HUD Editor to use the main CaddyScatter.

Pot Size Bet

The way a pot size bet is calculated is based on the traditional formula which can be found on this page.

Some examples are quoted here in case that page goes offline:

Example 1: There's $10 in the pot. You're first to act. In this case you can bet $10.

Example 2: There's $10 in the pot and a player has bet $3. To calculate your maximum bet, first pretend that you call that last bet. The total pot then contains 10 + 3 + 3 = $16. This is your maximum raise. With the $3 call, your total maximum bet would be $19.

Example 3: There's $10 in the pot, one player has bet $3 and another player has raised to $10. First pretend that you call the last bet of $10. The pot then contains 10 + 3 + 10 + 10 = $33. Your pot raise is $33, and your total bet is $43.

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