Note Groups Overview

NoteCaddy Note Groups are groups of Definitions that can be added to HM3 HUD Popups. Instead of needing to add each individual note to a Popup, definitions can be assigned to a Note Group, which can then be added to the Popup.

To create a Note Group in NoteCaddy click File → Edit Note Groups.

Add the name of the Note Group(s), one per line, and click OK.

To assign a note to a Note Group, open the Note Definition in NoteCaddy by double-clicking on it. Click on the tab named HUD Options. In the ‘Show in Note Group’ drop-down box you can assign the Note Group to the definition. Click File → Save (or Ctrl+S) to save your changes.

A Note Group can be added to a HM3 Popup by going to the Hud Profile Editor (HM3 → HUD → HUD Editor), select your Profile, then click on Popup Groups. Choose the Popup you’d like to place your Note Group onto. Select a '+' sign and choose 'Add Statistic'. Scroll to find the 'NoteCaddy Note Groups' section and choose your Note Group. Click OK, and then Apply your changes.

If your Popup is arranged in a Grid style, it’s good practice to assign the Note Group more Column Span, so that it fits well in your grid.

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