Player Overview Stat

The PlayerOverview contains the Main CaddyScatter Graph and notes that are eligible to be displayed on it.

The PlayerOverview is a stat that can be added to a HUD. To add it into a HM3 HUD, go to HUD → HUD Editor → Choose your HUD Profile → Click on a '+' symbol → Add Statistic → In the Search type in 'PlayerOverview' → Select the stat and click OK.

Once the PlayerOverview stat is added to a HUD there will be a NoteCaddy icon displayed on the HUD. When this NoteCaddy icon is clicked on, the PlayerOverview will open.

A note is eligible to display in the PlayerOverview if it has 'Show in the notes popup' enabled in its Note Definition, in NoteCaddy.

There are also other settings that control how a note displays in the PlayerOverview. These options are in NoteCaddy → File → Settings:

  • HUD → 'Maximum amount of notes in the note hud popup' - If you have 10 note definitions and you want all of them to be eligible to display, you would enter 10 in this field.
  • Note Settings → Sorting - This controls the order that the notes will appear in the PlayerOverview.
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