CaddySpark Overview

CaddySpark and CaddyScatter graphs are not allowed to be used during live play on PokerStars and full tilt poker. They will still appear on the replayer (if the poker client is closed) and when viewing note history within NoteCaddy. Please see new PokerStars software rules. Please email any questions to

CaddySpark Overview

CaddySpark is a technology used in NoteCaddy that will show a sparkline graph as part of a NoteCaddy note.

An example of a CaddySpark graph in a note. This player is significantly stronger than the player pool average in this situation

The purpose of a CaddySpark graph is to allow users to absorb a large amount of data in a very small time frame. The green, black, and red spikes indicate strengths that a player had in hands for which a note was taken. A higher line indicates that the player was this strong more times. The dotted blue line indicates the average strength of the player pool for this same note. The orange line indicates the average strength of the individual player again.

A quick analysis of the CaddySpark above shows that this player performed the action with a range that is stronger than average. His range is heavily weighted towards stronger hands with a few thin value bets and bluffs mixed in. Given the information from this spark graph, an argument can be made that we should assume he is probably holding a strong hand when this action is observed.

A spark graph can be added for any note definition as long as it uses exactly one of the following variables: $cardrange, $flophandrange, $turnhandrange, $riverhandrange. There is an option in the "HUD Options" panel of the definition editor that says "Use CaddySpark". Make sure that option is checked and the graphs will appear.

Customizing Settings

The CaddySpark graph allows for the following customization's. These are found in File->Settings->HUD

  • The blue player pool strength line can be removed
  • The minimum amount of required spark points can be set. You would set this if you don't want a spark graph to appear for a small sample size
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