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The main Holdem Manager 3 user interface has an option titled "SEND FEEDBACK" on the left side bar. You can send feedback about anything you want the team to be made aware of. Some topics you might want to send feedback on are:

  • Hand History Import Errors
  • General HM3 Problems
  • HM3 Suggestions

Sending Feedback allows us to know about issues immediately. A good example is when sites change their hand history format. When this happens the issue is with everyone playing on that site and we can then immediately start working to update the hand history import process so the new hand history format can be imported into HM3.

Learn how to send the HM3 team feedback

Once you click the "SEND FEEDBACK" text a window will open.

Holdem Manager feedback form

Fill out this form and be as descriptive as possible so our support staff can assist you.

If a hand doesn't import we need that hand history file to assist you! 

C:\HM3Archive is where most hand histories can be found.  If you don't have this folder on your Computer, review this FAQ and see where your hand history archive directory is.  Tools > Settings > Import (FAQ)

In the example image above the hand history file that wasn't importing into HM3 was attached to the send feedback form. If you don't know what hand history file has the error, you can send us all of your hand history files for that day.

Attaching hand history files help us a great deal because we can import your hand history and see why it isn't importing into HM3 immediately.

If log files are large (Over 10MB) please review How To Send HM3 Log Files to Support (FAQ) so we can assist with your problem.

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