1. Zooming a Graph
  2. Gear Icon (Bottom Left)
  3. Legend Icon (Bottom Right)

HM3 graph example

Zooming a Graph

  • Left mouse click and drag your mouse over the graph to zoom the graph.
  • Click the magnifying glass in the top right to restore your zoomed graph back to it's original size.

Gear Icon (Bottom Left)

Available graphing options

  • Y-Axis - Choose what currency you would like your graph displayed as.
  • X-Axis - Choose Hands, Days or Months for the bottom horizontal graph point.
  • Show Rakeback and Bonuses - Will display a line calculating rakeback and bonuses if you set that up in Tools>Settings (FAQ)
  • Showdown Winnings - Displays red line for non-showdown winnings and blue line for showdown winnings.
  • Show All-in Adj - Displays a line showing your All In Adjusted Winnings.
  • Show Points of Interest - displays star icons on your graph for 1k, 2k, 3k hands completed along with a green triangle for highest won point and red triangle for lowest won point.
  • Save Image - Save your graph out as a .png file on your hard drive.

Legend Icon (Bottom Right)

Displays what the colored lines are in the graph.

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