Tournament Detection (Automatic & Manual)

After importing a tournament Holdem Manager 3 will categorize the tournament results and hands based on several factors such as tournament size, tournament prize won, knockout bounties, tournament type and more. This is referred to as Tournament Detection.

(Video) Tournament Editor

If the Automatic or Manual Tournament Detection described below does not solve your Tournament information, please see Edit Missing Tournament Information (FAQ).

Automatic Tournament Detection

During Auto Import Automatic Tournament Detection will run when the tournament has finished. This process will run automatically until it detects all imported tournaments. If you close HM3 before it completes, Tournament Detection will automatically continue the next time you start HM3. When new tournaments are added by poker rooms, we continuously update our tournament detection definitions for most accurate results.

Manual Tournament Detection

If tournament definitions were updated after you imported a tournament, you can run a Manual tournament detection process to update any previous tournament categorizations.

Using the tournament detection options in HM3

  • Open the Tournament Report: Tournament > Reports > Tournaments Report
  • Make sure the Site and Tournament Number columns are included in the report. Left Click the 'Select stats' button in the upper right corner of the report to add Site and Tournament Number if they are not already included. 
  • Right-Click > Detect any tournament row where you would like to run a manual tournament detection
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