Hand Views

Hand Views are found throughout Holdem Manager 3.

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Example hand view found in Holdem Manager 3

Top Row - Hand View

Hand View Options

The top row of the Hand View has the following options: (Top Left to Top Right)

  • Drop-down allows you to select the last 1,000 hands up to last 100,000 hands.
  • Replayer Button - Loads currently selected hands into the HM3 Replayer (FAQ).
  • H Button - Loads currently selected hands into the Instant Hand History Viewer (FAQ).
  • Displays all hands in a heat map. (See Below)
  • Checkbox left of "Tagged Hands" filters hands that you have tagged (Marked for Review).
  • Drop-down lists marked hand tags so you can filter tagged hands further.
  • Known Holecards Hands - Removes hands where there were no known holecards.  These are hands where you observed the hand but were not dealt cards.  

Main Hand View

  • The column headers can be dragged to change the column order.
  • Right clicking column headers allow you to hide or un-hide stats to the hand views.
  • Customize the stats in the hand view columns by going to Tools > Settings > Hand View Columns (FAQ).

Right Clicking A Line In The Hand View:

  • Right clicking a line in the hand view allows you to Replay, View or Tag a hand. You can Copy the hand to your clipboard with or without stats, export and delete hands.

Hole Card Heat Map:

Hole Card Heat Map Options

  1. Change the type of heat map displayed: bb Won/Lost or Hand Count.
  2. Filter button in the bottom left allows you to filter by positions and some preflop actions.
  3. The legend for the current heat map.

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(Video) Hand View Options

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