HM3 Start Screen (Landing Page)

Welcome to Holdem Manager 3

Learn all about top level Holdem Manager 3 features in this FAQ. 

Holdem Managers main user interface

  1. File - View - Tools - HUD - Apps - Help
  2. Language Select
  3. Main Tool Bar (Forward & Back Arrows - Refresh - Cash/Tournament - Hero - Start/Stop HUD - Alerts)
  4. Left Side HM3 Navigation (Reports - Situational Views - Opponents - Live Play - Favorites - HM Advisory)
  5. Graph
  6. Report Selection

Suggested Video Guides

1. File - View - Tools - HUD - Apps - Help

Click a link below to view information related to the menu items in the above screenshot.

2. Language Select

Click the language in the top right of Holdem Manager 3 to change the language displayed throughout Holdem Manager 3. Holdem Manager 3 currently supports the following languages:
  • English
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brasil)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian
Select your Holdem Manager 3 language.                                                                       

3. Main Tool Bar (Forward & Back Arrows - Refresh - Cash/Tournament - Hero - Start/Stop HUD - Alerts)

Main Tool Bar

  1. The forward and back arrows move the main Holdem Manager 3 view back or forward to the previous view (screen) that you were looking at.
  2. The refresh icon will refresh the current view if there is new content to be displayed.
  3. Cash - Clicking this icon will switch Holdem Manager 3 Reports (FAQ) between cash and tournament modes.
  4. Hero - Clicking the Hero (currently selected player) allows you to change the Hero.  You also might want to setup an Alias if you play on multiple poker sites.  Create Alias (FAQ)
  5. Start & Stop HUD - Click this to start or stop your HUD. Live Play HUD (FAQ) . . . . HUD Menu (FAQ)

Note: When you stop your HUD, hands will no longer auto import.  You must have your HUD running to auto import hands.

  1. Clicking the Alerts Icon will display critical information that needs your attention. 

Note: if your hard drive free space is below 20%, an Alert will be displayed here.

4. Left Side HM3 Navigation (Reports - Situational Views - Opponents - Live Play - Favorites - HM Advisory)

Collapse the main user interface to see more or less information.                                                                                                          

Clicking the small orange arrows will collapse or expand the left side navigation.

  • Reports - Clicking Reports will load Reports in the main view. Reports (FAQ)
  • Situational Views - Clicking Situational views will load Situational Views in the main view. Situational Views (FAQ)
  • Opponents - Clicking Opponents will load Opponent Reports in the main view. Opponent (FAQ)
  • Live Play - Clicking Live play will load the Live Play Report in the main view. Live Play Report (FAQ)
  • Favorites lists all Reports that you have tagged as a Favorite. Favorites (FAQ)
  • Send Feedback - Lets you send feedback directly to the Holdem Manager support team.
  • HM Advisory - Allows the Holdem Manager team to display information that can be useful for site updates, employment opportunities and other relevant information.

5. Graph

Graphs are found throughout Holdem Manager 3.  HM3 Graph (FAQ)
  • Hover over the graph and detailed information will be displayed in the top right.
  • Click and drag your mouse over the graph to zoom in.
  • Click the magnifying glass in the top right to restore your graph zoom back to default.
  • Gear icon (Bottom left) loads graph options.
  • Information icon (Bottom right) loads the graph legend.

6. Report Selection

Select a poker report to run

The screen above shows all the cash Reports for Holdem Manager 3.

  • Recent Reports will display the last ten Reports that you have used / opened.
  • The small orange stars in the screen above signify a "Favorite" Report. 
    • Hover over a Report and click the outline star to mark the Report as a Favorite Report.
    • Favorite Reports are listed in the Left Side Menu.

Main Report (FAQ)

Favorites Report (FAQ)

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